4 Green Sciences

The 4 Green Sciences of SHIBUI

At SHIBUI, we believe everyone deserves to live safe, serene and free from harm. So, we turn to earth’s best scientist – nature itself – to develop our 4 Green Sciences. Along with our passion to create with beauty and kindness, these sciences give life to products that are gentle to you and respectful to the planet.

Patented Enzyme Technology

Extracted from nature, improved with science. Enzymes used by SHIBUI are exclusively sourced from Novozymes®, whose world-leading biotechnology brings out the best in these little enzymatic wonders – for incredible cleaning performance in your home.

Pure Essential Oils

It’s no secret – not all essential oils are created equally. So how do you differentiate the pure from the inferior? In SHIBUI’s formulas, all oils are certified by Eurofins, a global product testing lab. Not only are our oils verified in authenticity, they are also proven pesticide-free and safe for use.

Bio-engineered Natural Ingredients

Bio-engineering marries nature and science to create lab-grown alternatives to natural ingredients. Purer and more stable, SHIBUI’s bio-engineered ingredients feature breakthroughs in cleaning and are completely biodegradable.

Premium Quality Botanicals

Only the best botanicals make it into our formulas. One such ingredient is SHIBUI’s premium Oat COM. We source the ‘Peppi’ variety – grown in Finland – for its skin-loving benefits far beyond other oat strains. And because it is COSMOS-certified, it is all natural for you and Mother Earth too!